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  • Entrepreneurship and new business creation
  • The management of SMEs (marketing, finance, networks, operations etc.)
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Social and green entrepreneurship
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Historical and cultural studies in entrepreneurship
  • National and international studies of entrepreneurship
  • Research methods in entrepreneurship & small business
  • Resourcing of entrepreneurial ventures
  • HR and IR issues in small business
  • Theoretical developments in entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and special interest groups
  • Enterprise policy and regulation
  • Technology and innovation
  • Government policy on entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in ethnic enclaves
  • Self-employment among immigrants
  • Entrepreneurship among minority groups
  • Indigenous entrepreneurs
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship and ethics
  • Corporate intrapreneurship
  • Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • The entrepreneur as manager of a growing company
  • Teaching entrepreneurship
  • Strategic alliances
  • New forms of organization
  • Women and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial behaviour in large organizations
  • Entrepreneurship in developing countries
  • Making allies in business
  • Ethics, the entrepreneur and the company
  • Values as determinants of the strength of intention
  • The influence of personal values on entrepreneurial attitudes
  • Relevant classifications of motivations in the entrepreneurial process
  • The mediating effect of goals and motivations in the intention-behaviour link
  • Alternative measures of motivations and personal values in entrepreneurship
  • Cross cultural studies on entrepreneurial motivations and values

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